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Bashkir Generation Company LLC (BGC LLC) is a major regional electric power generator in Russia, and a member of Inter RAO Group. BGC LLC manages power generation assets in the Republic of Bashkortostan and coordinates Bashkir Heat Distribution System LLC (BashRTS LLC) and service subsidiary.

BGC LLC was established in July 2006.

Its core business is generation of electric power and heat. BGC LLC operates over 20 large and small power plants across Bashkortostan and provides energy resources to local communities in Bashkortostan and neighbor regions.

BGC LLC has 4436 MW and 8578 Gcal/h of installed capacity.

Our generation facilities include:

· 1 electricity-only thermal power plant

· 11 combined cycle thermal power plants

· 7 hydro power plants (including 5 small and micro hydro projects)

· 1 wind farm

Our subsidiaries:

· Bashkir Heat Distribution System LLC

· Bashenergotrans LLC

Bashkir Generation Company

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Republic of Bashkortostan