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Executive leadership

· Chief Executive

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Simanovsky - Chief Executive

Born on September 12, 1961. Received a degree in Heat and Power Engineering from Kirov Ural Polytechnic Institute, and graduated from the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation. Candidate of engineering sciences.


1983-1991: Field Inspector, Unit Inspector, Senior Unit Inspector, Shift Manager of the Boiler & Turbine Plant with Sredneuralskaya TPP.

1991-2001: Deputy CTO, CTO with Ulyanovskaya TPP-1

2001-2005: CTO, Acting Managing Director with Ulyanovskenergo

2006-2008: Deputy Technical Director for Ulyanovsk Oblast; Head of Ulyanovsk Territorial Heating Authority Branch with Volzhskaya TGK.

2008-2011: Director of Troitskaya TPP Construction Directorate; Director of Permskaya TPP-6 Construction Directorate; Deputy Technical Director of QUARTZ — New Technologies.

2011-2012: Advisor to Chief Executive, INTER RAO — Management of Electric Power Plants.

Since November 2012: Chief Executive, Bashkir Generation Company LLC.

· Executive Team

Vladislav Albertovich Kapitonov - Deputy General Director of Economics and Finance 

Vladimir Lvovich Kremer - Chief Technology Officer

Timofey Anatolyevich Dubrovsky - Director of Strategy and Energy Markets

Anna Markovna Berkolayko - Director of Human Resources, Labor and Social Relations

Dilyara Talgatovna Yulbarisova - Director of Legal Services and Property Management

Stanislav Vladimirovich Kondratsky - Director of Resource Management

Aleksandr Nikolaevich Karev - Director of Security

Alfit Amirovich Ishberdin - Accounting Supervisor