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Consumers of heat and hot water in Bashkortostan may enter the new year with huge debts

Consumers of heat and hot water in Bashkortostan may enter the new year with huge debts
24 December 2014

Consolidated debt of commercial and residential customers of Bashkortostan to BGC (Bashkir Generation Company LLC and its subsidiary BashRTS LLC) for heat, hot water and heat carrier reached unprecedented scales and made 4.2 billion rubles as of December 1, 2014. For a month of active heat consumption in November receivables have increased dramatically by about 0.7 billion rubles.

More than a half of the total amount of receivables — 2.6 bln rubles — accounts for management companies and homeowners associations (consumers of BashRTS LLC). Since the beginning of the year debts of public utilities executives have almost doubled — by 1.2 billion rubles. The rest of the consolidated debt should be covered by operators of municipal heating grids (Ufa Utility Networks MUE and Sterlitamak Heating Networks LLC), industrial enterprises, small and medium businesses and other categories of consumers.

Worsening payment discipline is also observed throughout the whole year among individuals, especially in Ufa, where collection of payments for heat and hot water fr om the population does not exceed 88%.

For the Bashkir Generation Company facing a critical situation the main focus of the response to the growth of payment failures was the transition to various types of direct relationship with final consumers.

So, in several cities where BashRTS LLC is present some major management companies having debts for heat are switched to the scheme of payment to the energy companies using special purpose accounts. This prevents unscrupulous housing enterprises from possible non-purpose use of population’s funds paid for heat and hot water supply. In general, as of December 1, 44% of management companies in Ufa are operating under this scheme, 76% — in Sterlitamak, 40% — in Blagoveshchensk, and 20% — in Ishimbay. By the end of the year the major debtor in Neftekamsk, Utility Management Company LLC, is planned to be transferred to direct accounts.

At the same time, heads of a number of housing organizations refuse to open special accounts for BashRTS LLC, continuing to accumulate debts for energy resources. These management companies include Management Company Uyutny Dom LLC (Ufa), Bashzhilindustriya LLC, Management Company ETZK LLC, Management Company RaDOMir-ST LLC, Rosdomservis LLC, Management Company Uyut LLC (all are located in Sterlitamak).

“We do not receive the full amounts for heat and hot water paid by residents through these management companies. To these organizations we apply various enforcement actions within the legislation practice. We recommend consumers who care wh ere and for what their payments go to contact supervision bodies in order to check utility management companies for misuse of funds paid by the population,” said the Deputy Sales Director of BashRTS LLC Arkady Nikiforov.

For ordinary consumers information

Until the end of the year, residents of the Republic have an opportunity to file for targeted welfare benefit (TWB), which will help to reduce utility costs. Only citizens who pay utility services on time may receive TWB.

Reference information:

As of November 1, the following organizations have large energy debts:

in Ufa: Ufa Utility Networks MUE, Utility Management Company of Kalininsky residential district of Ufa LLC, Utility Management Company of Ordzhonikidzevsky residential district of Ufa LLC, Utility Management Company of Sovetsky residential district of Ufa LLC, Sipaylovsky Utility Management Company of Oktyabrsky residential district of Ufa LLC, Utility Management Company of Leninsky residential district of Ufa LLC, Servis LLC, Ufa Electric-Bulb Plant Svet OJSC, Housing and Utilities Administration No. 21 LLC, Housing and Utilities Administration No. 28 LLC, Management Company BZHS LLC, Management Company Uyutny Dom LLC, ADMIRAL Homeowners Association, Upravkom LLC, etc.

in Blagoveshchensk: Management Company Zhilkomservis LLC, Homeowners Association LLC

in Sterlitamak: Sterlitamak Heating Networks LLC, Bashzhilindustria LLC, Management Company Housing and Utilities Administration No. 16 LLC, Zhilkomservis LLC, Housing and Utilities Administration No. 15 LLC, Management Company RDS LLC, Sterlitamaksky Housing Association, etc.

in Salavat: Zhilkomzakazchik LLC, Administration of Salavat, Tekhstroyresurs LLC, Flora MUE, etc.

in Sibay: IRKC LLC, Managing Company ZHKKH LLC, Komservis LLC

in Ishimbay: Kommunalnik Homeowners Association, Industrial Oil and Gas Association LLC

in Neftekamsk: Utility Management Company LLC, Utility Management Housing Company LLC

in Agidel: Utility Management Housing Company LLC.

Customers with more than 1 million rubles in arrears are listed in the Consumers section of BGC website at

As of December 1, scrupulous consumers of BGC LLC and BashRTS LLC who regularly pay for energy resources include:

in Ufa: Bashneft JSOC, Ufaorgsintez OJSC, Ufa Engine Industrial Association OJSC, UMKK OJSC, Steklonit OJSC

in Blagoveshchensk: POLYEF OJSC

in Sterlitamak: Management Company TSZH LLC, Bashkirian Soda Company OJSC

in Salavat: Gazprom Neftehim Salavat OJSC

in Ishimbay: IDEZ MUE of RB

in Neftekamsk: Neftekamskstroyzakazchik LLC, Mayak Homeowners Association, Targin Mekhanoservis LLC.


Bashkir Generation Company LLC (BGC LLC) is a major regional energy company in Russia and a member of Inter RAO Group coordinating the operation of Bashkir Heat Distribution System LLC (BashRTS LLC) and several subsidiaries. BGC LLC has 4,156 MW and 9,031 Gcal/h of installed power generation and heat production capacity. With an authorized capital of 24 billion rubles, BGC LLC is a fully owned subsidiary of JSC Inter RAO.

Inter RAO Group is a diversified energy holding serving various segments of Russian and international electric power industry. The Company is the leading energy export and import operator in Russia actively increasing power generation and sales, and developing new lines of business. The corporate strategy of Inter RAO is focused on making Inter RAO a global energy enterprise, a key player in the global energy market, and the leading Russian energy company by energy efficiency. Inter RAO Group owns and operates over 34.3 GW of installed power generation capacity.

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