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Power plants of BGC LLC generated 19.56 billion kWh of electricity in the 12 months of 2014

Power plants of BGC LLC generated 19.56 billion kWh  of electricity in the 12 months of 2014
27 January 2015




Change, %

Installed capacity at the end of the reporting period, MW




Installed heat output at the end of the reporting period, Gcal/h




Electricity generation, million kWh




Capacity utilization, %




Heat distribution from collectors, thousand Gcal




Fuel mix, gas/coal/fuel oil, %




Power plants of BGC LLC generated 19.56 billion kWh of electricity in the 12 months of 2014, which is comparable to the same period of 2013. Different factors influenced the dynamics of power generation throughout the year.

The following factors contributed to the reduction in power generation:

- Reduced number of power units at Karmanovskaya TPP in the first quarter related to the reduction of marginality at the Wholesale Electricity and Capacity Market due to commissioning of the new generating facilities within the capacity delivery agreement in the neighboring regions

- Network limitations of capacity delivery at Karmanovskaya TPP in the second quarter due to the overhaul at the 500 kW substations

- Reduction of ineffective condensate production at Sterlitamakskaya TPP

- Reduction of loading at Kumertauskaya TPP during peak hours related to the strategy of reduction of the volume of combustible natural gas

However, several BGC LLC power plants demonstrated a growth of power generation. Abundant rainfalls and increase of inflow of river Ufa provided with considerable increase in loading of the hydroelectric unit of Pavlovskaya HPP. Positive dynamics of indicators of Ufimskaya TPP-3 was provided by a new turbine commissioned in January 2014. Power generation at Ufimskaya TPP-2 and Ufimskaya TPP-4 increased due to effective loading of the main generating equipment.

Heat output of BGC LLC power plants for the 12 months of 2014 was 16,893 thousand Gcal, up 1.4% from 2013. This change was driven by increase in hot water output due to lower outside temperatures.

Installed capacity of the company decreased during the reporting period, which generally was caused by decommissioning of two turbine-generation units at Ufimskaya TPP-4.

Change in the installed heat output was caused by decommissioning of the above mentioned equipment at Ufimskaya TPP-4 and two water heating boilers at Priufimskaya TPP and Salavatskaya TPP, commission of turbine generation unit at Ufimskaya TPP-3 and recording of the existent reserve of heat output of steam generation boilers of the company’s TPPs.

Consolidated fuel mix of BGC LLC subsidiaries contained 97.57% of natural gas, is 2.03% of coal and 0.4% of fuel oil.

Consolidated fuel consumption by all branches reduced by 0.6% in the reporting period to 7.98 million tonnes of equivalent fuel.

“In 2014, Bashkir Generation Company demonstrated stable results. In the conditions of growing competition at the Russian Electricity and Capacity Market we managed to maintain the indicators of electricity generation and heat output practically at the level of the last year. It shows that personnel and management of the company are working in the right direction. An agreement on mutual supply of heat and gas signed in the beginning of the year with JSOC Bashneft will help Bashkir generation to preserve at least the volume of heat production for the next few years. And implementation of objectives described in the Company Development Strategy for 2020 will help us to reach leading positions in heat power industry by indicators of reliability, safety and operational excellence,” said Aleksandr Simanovsky, Chief Executive of BGC LCC.

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BGC LLC is a major regional electric power generator in Russia, and a fully owned subsidiary of JSC Inter RAO. BGC LLC coordinates Bashkir Heat Distribution Networks LLC (BashRTS LLC) and subsidiaries. BGC LLC has 4,156 MW and 8,851 GCal/h of installed capacity. BGC LLC has an authorized capital stock of 24 billion RUB and is a fully owned subsidiary of JSC Inter RAO.

Inter RAO Group is a diversified energy holding serving various segments of Russian and international electric power industry. The Group is the leading exporter and importer of electricity in Russia actively increasing electricity generation and sales, and developing new lines of business. The strategy of JSC Inter RAO focuses on creating a global energy enterprise and a key player in the global energy market, a leader of the Russian power industry in the field of efficiency. Inter RAO Group owns and operates over 35 GW of installed power generation capacity.

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